“The kids will get hurt in the process but that's what counselors are for.”
“You need to stop putting so much weight on the things that these kids are saying.”
Judge Michael E. Rickert
Skagit County Superior Court

“This will hurt the child, but it is the right thing to do.”
“Sometimes you have to put the child at a little bit of risk to see if the parent can handle it.”
Judge Dave R. Needy
Skagit County Superior Court

“We don't terminate parental rights in this county, what other options you got?”
“It's not about what is in the best interest of the child. It's about reuniting families.”
Commissioner G. Brian Paxton
Skagit County Superior Court

“I don’t care what the DSHS plan is. If I don’t think adoption should be the plan then it will not happen.”
“The child's counselor is only to make a reunification plan, no other comments on what is best for the child.”
Judge John M. Meyer
Skagit County Superior Court