Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2008 11:02 AM
To: Greg Dootson
Cc: Dick and Amy Langley ; Keneth and Shelley Burlile
Subject: Placement for S.

Greg Dootson
Regional Supervisor
August 27, 2008
Mr. Dootson,
Thank you for your phone call this morning, following up on my concern about the case of foster parents Amy and Dick Langley, and the apparent intent to remove their foster child, S., from their home today, based on allegations against them.  Contrary to normal procedures, they were not given 5 days notice (they were only informed yesterday).  I have subsequently learned that the GAL also was not notified until today.  I believe there is undue haste which will be damaging to the child.  To summarize the points I made to you on the phone:
I believe S. should not be moved at all.  I have known Amy for some time and have observed her with her children, and know her to be a great foster mom.  S. has flourished in her care.  I understand that the GAL is in court today seeking to stop this removal.  If she is moved, however, it should be into the Burlile home, which would be far less traumatic than the home of strangers.
Thank you so much for your attention to this.
Gary S. Malkasian
Foster Care Justice Alliance