From: Foster Care Justice Alliance
Sent: Sunday, April 12, 2009 9:55 PM
To: Randy Hart ; Greg Dootson
Cc: Mary Meinig ; Sen. Val Stevens ; Sen. James Hargrove ; Rep. Ruth Kagi
Subject: Amy Langley

I have recently learned that the Langleys have been subject to another CPS referral, this one alleging that by examining her for bruises in response to the child's own complaints and taking her to the doctor, that they were violating the child's privacy.  I am searching for a diplomatic way of saying "are you nuts" and I can't come up with one.
This is about as spurious an allegation as I have ever heard.  Investigating an injury, finding a bruise, and going to a doctor is child abuse?  Yet causing the injury was not?  You are well aware that foster parents are mandatory reporters.  You are further aware that this is child that has been with them since infancy, and is still pre-school age, needing help with toileting and hygiene.
You know very well this charge will never hold up.  So does the person who made the referral.  This is pure harassment.
This, again, is clear retaliation for activities protected by RCW 74.13.333, namely, advocating for a child, advocating for services for a child, filing complaints, testifying, and instituting proceedings under chapter 13.  This complaint clearly should have been screened out.  Whoever in your office responsible for this has again demonstrated bias and should not be on this case.
This allegation is curiously timed.  You are also aware that the results of the CAPTA review of the other charges against the Langleys are due any day now, the Langley's foster care license is up for renewal, and there is a review hearing for the child this week.  Bringing up an allegation based on an event that was well known and documented three months ago can only serve the purpose to further obfuscate the dependency proceedings and deflect attention away from the parents' and the department's own shortcomings.
I am also concerned that every letter I have written to you has found its way into the hands of the birth parent attorneys.  There is only one path by which this could have happened.
Please investigate this matter, change the case management, and drop this outrageous allegation.
Gary Malkasian
Foster Care Justice Alliance
P.O. Box 233
Woodinville, WA 98072-0233