From: Foster Care Justice Alliance
Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2009 2:06 PM
To: Randy Hart
Subject: Langley and Burlile case

I am writing to you again because of the urgency of the situation.  The Burliles' foster care license expires tomorrow.  I am asking you to put a hold on that to prevent what appears to me to be rash, unwarranted, and potentially dangerous action.
May I further suggest that you contact: 
  1. The social workers who were removed or left because they disagreed with the change in direction in this case, R.H. and D.V.R. [edited for website]  I am afraid they, too, may be afraid of reprisals and might not speak openly, unless you assure them that that they can at least speak to you.
  2. The guardian ad litem that resigned in protest because he disagreed with the change in direction in this case, Dave Lindsey, who also claims his GAL reports were edited by the department to remove anything that reflected badly on the birth parents
  3. The medical providers who uniformly denounced the department's case plan
  4. The members of the CPT Team that called for TPR
  5. The foster parents who are now subject to attack because they disagreed with the change in direction in this case.  Trumped up charges against Dick and Amy, and now a fishing expedition has been ordered on Ken and Shelly.
  6. The three judges who have ordered the department to file TPR - and now Ms. Jackman wants an out of state relative to change jurisdiction
This indicates a serious bias.  Alisha Jackman has shown a pattern of removing everyone who disagrees with her - which has been, in fact, everyone.
The children in the center of this case are medically fragile.  Everyone, including the department, has praised the care given to them.  There are no safety concerns in the homes of the foster parents.  There are considerable risks returning them home.  The child S., in particular, has emotional and behavioral problems that make her a difficult child for any parent.  The aunt, who is supposed to take her now, already gave up one sibling because she "wanted to get her life back".  Giving a person with marginal fitness, and who doesn't want a child, a fragile child with behavioral problems is a recipe for disaster.
Please act quickly.
Gary Malkasian
Foster Care Justice Alliance
P.O. Box 233
Woodinville, WA 98072-0233